This rising Thai singer aims to make jazz more accessible

Indie record label Sanamluang Music, home to the likes of Apartment Khunpa, Phumjit and Lomosonic, has just introduced its latest signing, pop-jazz singer Benz Beantown.

Pariyawit “Benz” Achariyachai started performing live music when he was in high school in Boston—hence the nickname, "Beantown," in reference to that city on the U.S. East Coast.

His debut single, "Your Love Song," is the first of seven self-written "episodes" Benz has woven into a series. Drawing on influences like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, Benz's nostalgic, easy-listening number looks to capture all the feelings that accompany a first high-school crush.

The full album, which will include all seven episodes, is currently in the making, but look out for his second single to be released in February 2019, which he describes as a mix of jazz with some Spanish flourishes and a bluesy twist.

Listen to "Your Love Song" here:



난 엄마가 늘 베푼 사랑에 어색해 그래서 그런 건가 늘 어렵다니까 잃기 두려웠던 욕심 속에도 작은 예쁨이 있지 난 지금 행복해 그래서 불안해 폭풍 전 바다는 늘 고요하니까 불이 붙어 빨리 타면 안 되잖아 나는 사랑을 응원해 젊은 우리, 나이테는 잘 보이지 않고 찬란한 빛에 눈이 멀어 꺼져가는데 아아아아아 슬픈 어른은 늘 뒷걸음만 치고 미운 스물을 넘긴

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